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A Few Tips From Mekoot Lo'Bo

Please direct any questions concerning Lizardmen my way. I've got a fairly good grip on things even though there is no written lore to speak of other than the Warhammer manuals on Lizardmen -- which is the sole basis for this race. I have made some tweaks to the Warhammer Lizardmen, so the books aren't complete gospel. I've had ideas in the past that I have since abandoned, such as the Lizardman "Superior" you may have seen on Belegarth Wiki. Just ignore that. It was my attempt at creating something unique like Hat Trolls but didn't quite materialize as I expected.

Lizardmen have been a difficult undertaking for some reason. I've never suffered from such writer's block in all my life. It was before my second big break this past Winter that I feel I had most of everything worked out to my satisfaction. I feel that the Warhammer Lizardman is satisfactory. When I first became a Lizardman it was with the belief that I could conjure up something original and thought provoking, but it just ended up being a mess. I had no real concrete base for anything even up to, and past, my Headhunter trials. I'm just glad everyone's been as patient as they have been.

I believe I'm now ready to present my core foundation for Lizardmen. The Warhammer vision of Lizardmen turned out to be fairly perfect to be honest. It's a unique theme, with lots of loose ends to tie up and make my own. I feel I can finally move forward and present something for people to reference on. Red hides indicate that a Lizardman will be a direct servant of Sotek and serve as a military leader or guardian of Slann. Red markings indicate a Lizardman will achieve greatness on the battlefield and achieve stature as a warrior. A White hide indicates that a Lizardman is a prophecy set forth by the Old Ones to serve as a guiding light for all other Lizardmen. A Skink with a white hide is held in high regard, is thought to one day bring greatness to the Lizardmen. White markings indicate a spiritual guardian or a Lizardman imbued with power. I'll post an actual chart later as I don't have all the colors figured out yet. It's a work in progress.

The style of garb is still somewhat a work in progress. As any fan of Warhammer would already know, Lizardman don't wear much. Save for some jewelry and a loin cloth, a Lizardman is basically naked. And as much as I'd love to be running around wearing nothing but a loin cloth, I must consider the rest of the fighters on the field. So, coming up with garb ideas has been a bit of a challenge, but I'm getting there. I've narrowed it down to wanting Lizardmen to look as sleek and clean as possible while still looking like a monster. It's not as easy as it sounds. Hopefully my armor will remedy this, but I also plan to work on some garb ideas I have running through the noggin'.

That's basically it for now. I'll post more information later, as this is merely a foundation. Send all questions about Lizardmen to me, and on this forum. I'll be prompt with my answers.

Now, most of this is still valid, however I've made my final tweaks at this point. My main two points in this final write-up are going to be Lizardman colors and garb. Anyone choosing to be a Lizardman must also choose a color. This color is going to represent not only the color of the Lizardman's skin, but also a characteristic/trait the Lizardman possesses. 90% of the Lizardman's garb is going to be this color and/or shades of the color. Basic overall theme: Stay with your color and seek to form a racial identity. If you begin to look too much like other monsters, then you might want to reassess your garb.

If you choose to wear Under Armour as garb, do try and cover it up in some way so not to make it your only chest garb. I do encourage folks to craft durable, skin-tight shirts much like the one I wear. I'm not a Nazi in this department, just try and keep the overall theme.

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