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The purpose of the awards and recognitions in Realm of Stygia is to ensure that those actions by members of the realm deserving of such are publicly recognized. It is the aim of the realm to ensure that we don't forget the actions of our members and to do so in a tangible way.

These are given upon completion of worthy tasks in the realm.

  • Marshal of the Field of Stygia

Given to those who have been authorized as a marshal following passing the Stygian marshal exam.
-Sir Thumbs
-Sir Oroku
-Squire Tethian
-Apprentice Kaji
-Apprentice Turkeyfeathers
-Warmaster Malark

In ín -o Belegarth 15 being 2016 in the Common Era Sir Oroku Norinaga, President of the Realm of Stygia by the Will of the People decided to hold a court. The purpose of the court was to not only bring the realm together but to honor and award those deserving for deeds throughout the year. To this end he created the Stygian Realm Awards. The majority of the awards were decided by populace vote. The remaining awards were Presidential in nature recognizing those who had gone above and beyond for the realm and it's members.

Populace Awards
These awards are to be given once a year following a polling of the populace.

  • Best Overall Improvement

Given to the player who shows the most overall improvement for a fighting season.
-Xavier YB15
-Àine YB17

  • Outstanding Field Characterization

Given to the player who best realizes their persona on the field.
-Roar YB15
-Wug YB17

  • Best New Player

-Àine, Tainen YB17

  • Outstanding Honor on the Field of Battle

Recognized for demonstrating honor on the Stygian field.
-Sir Dickie YB15
-Turkeyfeathers YB15
-Warmaster Malark YB15
-Grizzly YB17

  • Realm Assistance Off the Field

Honoring those who keep the realm running outside of the battlefield.
-Mouring YB15

  • Paragon of Stygia

Awarded for defining the intangibles that define what it is to be Stygian.
-Warmaster Malark YB15
-Sir Thumbs YB17

  • Finest Crafter

Awarded for exemplary crafting in the field of Belegarth
-Squire Eui YB17

  • Best Volunteer

Awarded for the person who has helped the realm out consistently
-Squire Eui YB17

Presidential Awards
Given by the President, these awards can be given to those nominated by the people of Stygia at any time throughout the year. Those so nominated will be given consideration for these Awards.

  • Order of the Open Gate

Given to those who assist our newest members and by doing so keep the Dread Gate open.
-Squire Thiadric Thumbs (Premier) YB15
-Emeldir YB17
-Warmaster Malark YB17

  • Sapling

The Sampling is awarded to the upcoming members of the realm in honor of their commitment and enthusiasm for Belegarth. This award may be given as the President or the Realm sees fit throughout the year. The certificates are also signed by the President of all Belegarth as well.
-Wug YB15
-Todlyn YB15

  • Order of the Lotus Key

Given to one who has served the Realm above and beyond in the previous year and years before.
-Sir Dickie (Premier (Stygian Nobility Awarded)) YB15

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