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Strapping tape, also known as fiberglass filament tape, is a clear plastic tape with fiberglass strands running along the length of the tape. The fiberglass strands are extremely strong, but the tape is weak along the "grain" of the strands. It is useful for adhering a foam cap or coin on the end of a core or in penny-tipping an arrow. Furthermore, it can add a lot of durability to the tip of a weapon by sandwiching a piece between 2 layers of duct tape on the flats. It is also commonly used in stabbing tips.

Strapping tape bonds well to itself and to duct tape, however not to foam or cloth tape. Strapping tape also accepts most glue adhesives reasonably well, including DAP and spray glue. For best results, sand the surface prior to application of DAP, just enough to remove the tape's glossiness.

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