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Night Goblin Snotling



Daughter of Sir Lotek and Ora

Sister of Mordeth the Night Goblin, Q the Blood Falcon, and Inquisitor Girvin MacGannon. (that totally makes sense right?!)

Travelling compainion: Reks




  • Blooded - Beltane XXII (‘16)
  • Blood Brothers with Gekko ('16) and Reks ('18)
  • Water Alchemist
  • Seamstress
  • Dead Eye
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Weapon of Choice


Member since

Fighting since March 2009

Member of Belegarth since 1996


My name is Squooshie Mckleith, I was born into the realm of Dur Demarion 23 years ago, to the pinky Sir Lotek and his wife Ora. I grew up around a variety of monsters and humans living in harmony with each other. I grew up learning about my history and wandering lands with my realm, to learn and expand. However, coming of age in dur demarion was difficult, especially once my father dissapeared, and my family questioned about it for years. I always felt like an outsider, never fully wanted around, and I spent a long time looking for myself in the world, traveling to other far off lands and meeting new people. I've spent most of my life wandering, and always seem to find myself in an adventure purely by mistake.

One morning, not too long after my 19th name day, I awoke to find myself in a strange place far from dur demarions land, not only surrounded by odd looking creatures, but as a that creature myself. "The reflection must be wrong" I said, "what is this witchcraft?" A nearby creature looked over to me and assured that I was safe, that she found me, and brought me where I belonged. I began to question everything in sight, for a long time nothing I was told made any sense. I came to learn over time that I was taken by a Khajiit, who was supposed to save me from a tiger, in the woods, but when she saw the potential I had in a fight against the beast, the khajiit chose to watch and take me to her family. The family were direct descendants of the goblyn goddess, Pissran. The family had Pissrans powers, which apparently included the ability to turn a "worthy creature" into a khajiit. Seemed a little selfish, steal a creature who seems to have potential to be a cat like creature, and turn them into one of them. I'm allowed to see my family, roam my home land, no one fully understands, but I was accepted among my people, due to Dymphna, another khajiit, having been loved and accepted into my home realm long before my return. Dymphna trained me, and helped me learn to understand myself, while I was still growing into myself. Led me to traveling again. I traveled north for the first time since childhood, and learned of a group of monsters by the name of Horde. I had heard of them before, but had thought they had disappeared and died off, after my dear friend Izareth had retired from the realm, not many monsters stayed in plain sight. I met many monsters and learned of several races, befriending several. A year later I was awoken into the family, an army of monsters, who have come together to destroy enemies and protect each other. My family survives across the land, and awakes new monsters to their ways throughout the moons, when we gather. I was awaken into Dead River, a beloved region of the Horde lands.

2 years later

Two months ago, Pissran sent me a message through the trees, I was to infultrate the goblyn army, discover the becoming numbers, learn the secrets of the green skinned. I came to find myself in the possession of a tooth with a feline face carved into the top. When worn, I shed my fur and turn into one of the greenskins, a very believable spell. During my time as a greenskin, I came to learn the deep hatred for baulk was living in more than just the goblyns, it was in many other races, due to his betrayel, he caused waves in wars with all the races. These were the stories I learned while hiding among the many. I found a cult that started seducing monsters to follow baulk, as it is known, to fool someone you must act as them. I unknowingly fooled my own god in the process.

Three days ago I was sleeping in my hut when I heard footsteps approaching. "Awake traiter!" I heard outside my door, I jumped to my feet, ripped the totem off and hid it. Suddenly my door was kicked open by a burst of light, I could see nothing, it took all the energy I could muster to strain my ears and hear the words, "Pissran is not pleased with you, you choose the nasty greenskin over your own kind, you choose to follow the beasts. You followed the beat of the drums, you followed orders of a greenskin, you killed for them. Now you will pay with your life. We will waste energy on you no longer, you will die a greenskin, again and again, for Baulk."

It's been three long months, since I was attacked by a messenger of Pissran. The words repeat in my head as I look at my skin, no fur nor tail, just green and anger. "Drums, orders, kill, Baulk...Drums, orders, kill, Baulk." How could pissran not see, I was following her orders, I did what she commanded, I did her bidding, and now I'm being punished. I will never adjust to the speach pattern of monsters, but thankfully it seems to come naturally. The goblyns seem to have accepted me, my small stature has led me to find myself in a tribe of small goblyns called snotlings, allowed to eat less and more often, and the carriers of many foods. In my wanderings though, I've found tribes who live in caves, called night goblyns, I remembered a brother of mine in my home realm was adopted from night goblyns. I searched for him for weeks, finally to find him, who led me to the Bad Moon tribe, where I was accepted and given right to wander between tribes, to wherever I found myself. The Horde still accepts me, I've become more creative, more capable of harnessing my anger over time, and yet I still year the words, "Drums, orders, kill, Baulk." Dead River awoke a Hobgoblyn named Rek(s), who I had grown attached to in my time of being khajiit. He learned of my struggles with Pissran and the words I have in my head, he agreed to protect me, in exchange for keeping him fed, and warm. The relationship grew, we found ourselves traveling with no purpose other than to learn, protective of the other, as mates. The exchange in history, became an important part of life. Helping young monsters find their way, finding the ones worthy of the Horde, and bringing them back to awaken. Our story is just beginning, the Horde has plans for us.

The words still repeat as they have since that day. I hear whispers, something is coming, something wants to kill, to eat, to devour. The Kaathdevaar

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Events Attended

Equinox - VI (‘96), VII (‘97), VIII (‘98), IX (‘99), X (‘00), XI (‘01), XII (‘02), XIII (‘03), XV (‘05), XVIII (‘08), XVIIII (‘09), XX (‘10), XXIII (‘13), XXIV (‘14), XXV (‘15), XXVI (‘16), XXVII ('17), XXVIII ('18)

Beltane - II (‘96), III, (‘97), IV (‘98), V (‘99), VI (‘00), VII (‘01), VIII (‘02), IX (‘03), XI (‘05), XII (‘06), XIV (‘08), XV (‘09), XVI (‘10), XVIIII (‘13), XX (‘14), XXI (‘15), XXII (‘16), XXIII ('17), XXIV ('18)

Ragnorok - XI (‘96), XII (‘97), XV (‘00), XVI (‘01)

Octoberfest - (‘00), (‘15), (‘16), ('17)

Armageddon - I (‘02)

Eastwind - Under Siege (‘15), Summer Slaughter (‘15), Winter War (‘15), Winter War ('17)

Chaos Wars - XX (‘16)

Battle for the Ring - IX (‘17)

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