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Quick Facts

  • Fighter Name - Skreech Passerine
  • Race - Tengu (Bird Lady)
  • Current Location - Southern California
  • House - Valkyries

Some Lore Quinn write about my origin story (from her perspective):

You may know how Red and me met, but not where Red came from. What follow be what she tell me, plus what me piece together. It all start in Bird Land, where Red is daughter of birdie leader. As you expect, she be smart, pretty, and have big brain. Me pretty sure she even read and write! Well, one day, chief get message from nearby pinkies - they say they want to “get along better,” with birdie since they live so close. They say they want exchange of culture, with birdies going first. The chief figure it couldn’t hurt to have new trading partner.

Well, Red, having civic mind, volunteer for exchange. There just one problem: pinky not want to be nice, they want pawn to hurt birdie chief with. Evidence of this be simple: they send most of envoy home quick, and put Red in highest tower of castle. They probably do this because they think Red come from different tribe of birdie (with very small wing); me guessing they have very bad eyesight. Here is funny thing, though - after pinky spring trap, chief say he will not be strong-arm. Pinky, in response, send message that they will cook birdie. Red never told this by chief or by pinky, but she hear guard talk about big birdie feast for day outside her room.

Well, when time come for big feast, Red simply, “fly from coop” (that right expression, right?), but not back to other birdies. She mad that chief did not send word, and want to spend time exploring world anyway. So, pinkie in bind because they make enemy of powerful birdie leader. Chief in bind because daughter take leave of absence. Me? Well, me OK because now me have pretty lady to love, but that story for other time.

Some Lore Quinn wrote about how we met (from her perspective):

It sound strange, but me prefer honest work to make money. Partly, this because it tiring to be run out of town. Mostly, though, it because it much easier to travel without mercenary following me to collect bounty. Plus, me try to pick pocket once, and, well, that story all by itself.

Me very hungry at time and unable to find work in new town. Stomach louder than voice calling for job! Soon, me too weary to wait and decide to pick pocket. How hard it be, really? Me look around for target and see woman wearing pretty feather pelt. She must be rich! Me sneak up behind her and try to stick paw in her pocket but trip and paw end up in her pant instead. She about to yell when me cover her … beak (?) … and me yell, “lonely and looking for love? Try gnoll dating service! Cute girl and low, low price!” With that, me pick up girl and run into alley (hand still in pant), away from confused pinky on main street. Me surprise no one give chase until me realize women in arm is no pinky, but birdy.

Me remember her squawk, “if you want in my pants, you at least buy dinner first,” with little laugh. Me try to explain situation and she seem to understand really well. Added bonus: me get good look at her and she very, very pretty. Given what she just say, me pick her up and carry her to nearest bar. Me think she protest, “my leg still work, silly gnoll!” but me already lost in thought. Only when we arrive, me ask, “you pay, yes?” with sweetest possible smile. She say yes, and that beginning of beautiful relationship.

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