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Bowen in all his glory

Sir Bowen is the master of the brewers’ guild, an accomplished foam smith, armorer, and garb maker. Bowen is always ready to help new people get better at fighting, armor, or making their own weapons. He has an uncanny ability to take junk and make it into something useful. Bowen is always ready to tell or hear a good story while enjoying a drink by the fire, just don’t mention the coyotes. Bowen is the loving husband of Psylocke and father of one daughter.
Captain of House Dregoth
Knight of House Dregoth
2nd Knight of Obsidian Hollow
Weapons of Choice:
Sword and Board and Combat Archery
OctoberFest 2012 by Sir Calarn
Given Title of "Knight of Obsidian Hollow" Obsidian Harvest IV (2018)
Has Knighted:
Sir Bismarck at Oktoberfest 2015
Sir Jaddeik at Oktoberfest 2018
Current Squires:

The Family
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