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To shapeshift is to notably change one's appearance or form either within a very short period of time or temporarily. Shapeshifting includes duplicating the appearance of an existing being, changing into a very particular form without variance, becoming a hybrid of multiple forms, or taking an entirely unique shape.

Both because of its rapidity and many natural beings' inability to innately do it, shapeshifting is often considered to be a magical feat. Indeed, there are quite a few magical manners by which one can shapeshift, including spellcasting and potion consumption. However, some races are innately able to shapeshift by completely natural means. While most natural beings change form over time depending on age, consumption, and wellness, those changes usually develop over the course of days to decades, are often subtle, and are often permanent, so they are not considered to be shapeshifting. If a being's metamorphosis occurs over a very short period of time, it may be considered to be shapeshifting.


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A shapeshifter is a being that regularly shapeshifts. The term can be applied to an individual as a title or to a group for their collective shapeshifting. There are not many known shapeshifters, but it's not impossible that there are many more shapeshifters who have managed to remain unknown than one may guess.

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