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This word in Old Patois has several translations, depending on the dialect of the monster or the understanding of the goodly races. It always refers to a type of religious troll warrior

Sacred Warrior

As a Sacred Warrior for the tribe, it is the annointed task of the Shal'a to kill those who would defile the natural order they feel they protect. They are annoited by the village priest, or Witch Doctor, who may choose to annoint themselves if they feel it is needed. The Path of the Shal'a is one that the annointed follows for life, possessing strange powers in battle and an inescapable need to spill the blood of tribal enemies. Some seek guidance and training from elders and Elite Shal'a, others are tormented by guilt and restlessness the rest of their days. Any are driven to seek holy war on the enemies of their tribe, land, or gods. Their practices of meditation and herbology lengthen thier lives, if their skill on the battle-field allows long life.

Fevered Berserker

Before each battle, the select warriors imbibe a mixture of local plant toxins and herbal extracts. If multiple tribes are involved in the fight, a pipe of strange flora is smoked so the warriors are of like spirit. They become frenzied in their intoxication, conditioned to percieve their enemies as enraging demons and to never yield to pain. This cocktail gives them lightning speed and horrifying aggression during combat, but they are frequently fatigued and confused after the draught wears off. Often older warriors are stricken with madness, but few ever live long enough to go permanently insane.

Demonic Channeler

Invoking the names of their Dread Gods and chanting hymns of blood, these possessed maniacs consume a hallucinagenic elixer to further debase thier minds. They have no fear of death and injury nor care of self-preservation, only hacking away blindly at their foes. Many of them go down with the intense surges of power, thier hearts bursting in their chests. Few ever live long enough to experience the horrid pains of their bodies rotting prematurely from the presense of demonic energy.

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