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Raxis LongClaw

Raxis in full garb

Other Titles:

  • Once called Araxis the Arachnid
  • Spider Queen of the Gnolls
  • Dame it all to Hell
  • High Herald to King Vak
  • HBIC
  • Gnoll Mother
  • Distractor of Bears

Race: Spotted Gnoll
Clan: LongClaw
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: Horde - Awakened at Melcaorme 2016, Year of Pain
Other Affiliations: House Raiders Den


Raxis started fighting with Tir Asleen during the recruitment boom of 2013. She showed initiative in the creation of garb and persona but also in growing as a fighter despite her small stature until injuring her knees late October 2013. She continued attempting to fight until continued knee injuries caused her to decide to go for NonCom in Spring of 2015. She will continue to be on the field occasionally with her bow.

Raxis is often credited as the "gnoll mother" or otherwise in charge of all the gnolls. I assure you, this is not true. The 'eldest' active Gnoll is Daggar, although he usually prefers to let other make race decisions as far as lore goes. Raxis has a knack for organizing things and writing things in ways make sense in the real world. She wrote the origin story and created the gnoll facebook page. Many gnolls have taken to calling her "mother" which she has begrudgingly accepted. This is probably due to her habit of taking care of every gnoll she seems to find. Because they need it. Let's be real. When Raxis is the voice of reason, you've done something wrong.

At events she can be found on the sidelines, sometimes asleep. It's not a true event until Raxis takes her field-side nap. During night-life she enjoys wandering around and partaking in beverages, unless someone manages to keep her in one spot. Either one is a gamble. Drunk Raxis can be a bit... much. If you wanna get in a fist fight, find Drunk Raxis. If you want a partner for shenanigans, find Drunk Raxis. If you want to get rid of alcohol, find any version of Raxis. Morning After Raxis is significantly less fun. And if you see her with her feet sticking out of her tent in the morning, for god's sake, leave her be!


Raxis left her clan at a fairly young age to explore the mountains bordering the north side of her clan's territory. After exploring the caves for months and a fair bit of shenanigans, she discovered the power to control spiders. She could make them do whatever she wanted, which seemed to be the best way to fight everyone. Raxis used her newfound power to steal a crown from a hat troll and declared herself Queen of the Gnolls. Not really sure how the hat troll got a crown. It assumed he either stole it or found it.

Raxis took to living in the vast cave systems throughout the mountains, using her arahnid controlling powers to steal food from mountain orks and dwarves alike. The dwarves eventually caught on and tricked the orks into chasing her out of the mountains. Rather than go back, Raxis decided to instead travel back to her clan and give a display of her power so they would accept her as their ruler. However, when she arrived, there was only an abandoned battlefield to meet her. Abandoned by the living, gnoll and pinkie bodies were scattered across the ground.

Enraged, Raxis set out on a furious quest to discover the bastards responsible. She screamed and shouted and demanded the cowards face the Queen of the people they had destroyed. This drew the attention of a passing group of goblins, who, upon seeing the gold crown atop her head, were consumed by greed. The goblins were a small scouting group of five who knew they would not be able to take down such an angry gnoll, so they decided to merely take the crown and take off. While two of them distracted her, acting as though they knew where to find the subjects of her rage, one of them snuck up behind her and snatched the crown right off the top of her head. But Raxis was quick. She spun and tried to grab the crown, only snagging one of the jeweled prongs. Another goblin popped up and helped the first wrench the crown free, ripping the prong through Raxis's hand and making her roar in pain and anger. This gave the goblins enough time to run away back to safety to enjoy their prize.

Raxis, now much calmer, followed the goblins until they camped for the night. While they slept, Raxis used her power ti send in hundreds of tiny spiders. They goblin on watch also happened to be the only male of the group. At first he was merely slightly perturbed at the sight of these spiders. He stepped on a few. He swiped a couple off who landed on him. But before he realized what was happening, Raxis sent her eight legged troops into his throat and nostrils, suffocating him while she ran in, snagged the crown from his frantic hands, and took off, releasing the spiders from her control.

The crown now back in her possession, she continues her search for the pinkies who slaughtered her clan.

Weapons of Choice:Archery

Fighting Since: Fall 2013

Events Attended:

  • Prelude 2013, 2014
  • Oktoberfest 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
  • Eriador Halloween 2013(the Day of Crippling), 2014
  • Wolfpack Opener 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
  • Thrace Opener 2014
  • Spring Wars 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Melcaorme 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Rhun Closer 2014
  • Hyboria Opener 2015
  • Chaos Wars 2015, 2018
  • Geddon 2018
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