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The Realm of Ranekgarde was founded by a group of 4 individuals in September of 2010. The realm is now inactive. The garb style of a nordic society was agreed upon unanimously. Initial contact was made with the Principality of Althabrand to better learn the Belegarth system and gain expertise.



Born of sea faring raiders the Earldom of Ranekgarde settled along the coast and quickly fortified it's capital of Tarrogoth. These nordic warriors take to battle as ravens to wing. The fighting forces of Ranekgarde favor a single handed weapon and circular shield. Clad in their favored colors of blood red and black the men and women of Ranekgarde strike a fearsome contrast to their fertile lands.

Training Schedule and Locations

As this is a very new realm the schedule is a bit up in the air. The aim is to make it on Sundays that are determined from 1pm to 530pm.


On roster - 10

Average at event - 4 to 6


18+ and complete High School or equivalent. We are aware that the Belegrath system allows those under 18 with a waiver, however we feel that not allowing such applicants will lessen complications and liabilities.

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