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Persona name: Ramba (sometimes "Scourge of the Eastern Wastes of the Vegas Valley", always "made of meat")
Persona race: Medium-sized Humanoid
Mundane Name: Michael Henry
Start date: September 2001 (Unregulated foamfighting), March 2017 (Dag/Bel), June 2018 (Amt)
Realms: Barad’Dun (Dagorhir then Belegarth, March 2017 - present) / Terra De Votum (Amtgard, June 2018 - present)
Favored weapons: Sword and board
Games played: Belegarth, Dagorhir, Amtgard
ORK: https://amtgard.com/ork/orkui/index.php?Route=Player/index/126769


Michael stumbled upon Barad'Dun at the Highland Games in 2017. He quickly established himself as both "medium sized" and "humanoid". He is sometimes known as "LARP-Dad". Mostly he fights sword and board, though his Battle Maraca is no stranger to small battles, and occasionally he attempts "Door and Dagger". If you find yourself questioning his sobriety, it's best to assume he's drunk and proceed accordingly.

Affiliated Groups

US Air Force
Seraphim of the Stars
Belegarth Artificer Guild


Scourge of the Eastern Wastes of the Vegas Valley (Unofficial)
LARP dad


Nov 2017 - Nov 2018 - Marshall/ Sherriff of Barad'Dun
Nov 2018 - present - Quartermaster of Barad'Dun


BFTR 2018
Fool's Raid 2018
BFTR 2019
Fool's Raid 2019
BFTR 2020
Coronavirus Quarantine-a-palooza 2020

Additional Images

Ready2rock.jpg Onward2Bel.jpg


Ramba is the Captain of a Pirate ship with not one, but two Longboats
Said ship is stranded in the desert for reasons. He insists it is still seaworthy, making him still eligible for the title of 'Captain' despite his non-seafaring status.

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