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This page intentionally not left blank.

Real name: Tim Bruske

Realm: Dunharrow

Unit: Unaffiliated

Favorite weapon style: bat and board

proficient weapon styles: what do you have?

race: Goblyn

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"You're an Orc, talking to a Goblyn, about historical accuracy..."

That's what's hot son! No, "dad", fire's what's hot.

"I know what you mean, I just want you to stop saying it"

Bio: This where imaginary person talk about Q's history. Just kidding.

So one day, mommy and daddy gobo love each other very much. Some time later, there be a Q. Q learned at young age to fend for himself when he was abandoned as young gobo. Q went quite mad with hunger, and almost die of empty tummy sickness. Then, out of no wheres, a wild pack of wolves appear. They raise Q as a baby wolf and teach Q to hunt. Lesson learned: if you be left to fend for self in wilderness, use baby gobo cuteness powers to make wolves fend for you.

So, ok, one day, Q be out looking around for stuff and things, and he see a pinkie cave. Well, not so much cave as maybe mountain? So anyways, Q decide to 'splore the mountain cave thing, and inside be many gobos! They's say they is jesters from old pinkie mountain king, but they take over the mountain and kill pinkies. They say this they court now.

Q say he wants to be Jester cause they have cool hats. Then they say bunch of words Q not know. Then the say Q to go on quest for them, then they make him jester. They give Q da quest and this what is was: a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar. Wait, no, it's a priest and a horse. No wait, it's gotta be your horse. Wait, no, there was no horse, and they was in heaven. Wait, no......

We got better joke. So, da quest be this: they give Q paper, say to give to nasty troll, come back when done. They say Q not read the note, but Q can't read anyway, so dat part be easy. Q go give troll paper, and he say "paper say to eat you cause you tasty". So den Q almost got eated, but it's ok. He trick troll into eating self. Then he go back to moutain to yell at jesters and he say, "you tell troll to eat Q!" Den day say, "Well, you make it back. We make you Jester now! Oh, by way, you trick troll into eating self, right?" Den Q say "how you know dat?" Den day say "better joke." Yay!

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