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Fighting Name: Dudus Nix

Real Name: Eric Rittman

Realm: Isengard

Mundane Location: Villa Grove, IL

Race: Ork, of course

Position: Warleader of the Dark Hand Tribe of the Eastern Uruk Hai

Combat Preferences: Spear, Sword and Board

Belegarth History: Started with Numenorean Uruk Hai under Warlord V’Hil in Fall 2004 right after the Great Schism when the Dark Guard split off. I earned my pickle suit at Numenor Fall Opener 2005. Sometime around 2006, with a lot of help, I founded and ran the realm for about 2 years until our practice facility was condemned. I hit most of the central Illinois events until they moved north to Earlville. Recently, I attend Wolf Pack Opener and introduce the sport to a group of new fighters each year.

Usually when I am at an event, I am one of the oldest, born 1962, and heaviest, 150 kg plus, fighters on the field. I like making gear for Belegarth: garb, weapons, shields, leather armor, etc. I am more of a stick-jock, than a character. I am more interested building teams of fighters and using tactics than individual skill.

Mundane History: I am a school librarian at Villa Grove Schools. I am married to Chris (Moomus), have a son Eliijah (Scutus), two cats;Sox and Cisco, and a dog Pudge. Currently, I sponsor the Book Club and the Class of 2011. In the past, I coached football, track, and power lifting. With this contact with young adults, I introduce them to Belegarth at a rate of about a dozen a year, a great sport with a lot of really great people.

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