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This event was cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19, per CDC guidelines. Please tune in next year for more shenanigans!


Melcaorme: The RAWRin '20s

Theme: Y2K meets 1920s. Themed Garb encouraged!

Date: May 21st-24th, 2020
Location: Tosanak Recreational Area, Marble Rock, Iowa

  • Thursday: $35
  • Friday: $30
  • Saturday: $25
  • Day trip: $10
  • $5 discount for Pre-Registration

Estimated Attendance: TBD

Event Coordinators

Head Coordinators: Braizen and Cian
Head Troll: Gretchen
Head of Security: Stilts
Head Weapons Checker: Bellator
Head Herald: Sir Argent


Both Feasts brought to you by Mekoot Rowan

  • Friday feast TBA
  • Saturday feast TBA


Planned night activities:

  • Costume Contest! Best costume fitting within the event theme!
  • Dad bod contest! Props are highly encouraged, and will not be limited by gender.
  • Lip Sync competition: (TBD)
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