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The Hydra breed of the Uruk-Hai typically are the personification of Orcish brutality. Large, heavy, and well known for their aggression, those of the Hydra breed are often among the most heavily armed and armored on the field at any national event. With an average height of 5'10" or more and usually weighing in excess of 190 lbs, the Hydra breed are an awe-inspiring menace upon the field. Bearing their signature Hydra half-towers, short swords, and javelins, these Uruk-Hai form the front rank of the unit's formations, making them the base support of the Army of the Uruk-Hai. It is the Hydra breed that lead the now infamous "Uruk-Hai Block Formation" that has earned a notorious reputation of crushing all those who are so unfortunate as to stand in their way.

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