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A hot glue gun loaded with a glue stick

Hot glue is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly in solid sticks designed to be melted in a special gun. The glue comes in cylinders of various lengths, and is pushed inside of an electronic hot glue gun. The gun contains a heating element to melt the plastic glue. Squeezing the trigger will push the stick through the heating element, ejecting molten plastic. Directly after leaving the gun, the glue is so hot that if it is applied directly to skin, it will often cause damage such as blisters. The glue cools to harden, so it is commonly used when quick bonding is desired, generally in less than 1 minute.

Specifications and Usage

  • Glue guns are typically classified as low-temperature or high-temperature. Low-temperature glue guns usually heat up to about 120º C (250º F), and are well suited for delicate work such as lace, cloth, or children's crafts. High-temperature guns generally heat up to around 195º C (380º F) and are used for heavy duty projects. Dual guns have a switch and are capable of operating in either temperature range.
  • Sticks come in several diameters, and usually a single gun can handle two (similar) sizes.

The most popular stick sizes are 4 inches in length and 10 centimeters in length with the diameter of 1 centimeters.

  • Due to the heating differences, high-temperature and low-temperature guns may use different glue sticks, but many sticks specify dual usage.

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