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Harlock was training in Haidong Gumdo (Korean Swordfighting) before being recruited at a local game store to join Ered Duath. She was hooked after the first practice and attended Chaos Wars 21 a few months later. She enjoys fighting with her realm mates and relishes in the weekly kid and teen fights held at a nearby park. One of Harlock's goals is to help bring the next generation of Belegrim to the sport.


Ered Duath

Event Attendance

Chaos Wars 21 -2017

Highlands of Chaos Opener -2018

Phoenix Rising 5 -2018

Chaos Wars 22 -2018

Oktoberfest -2018

War of Wrath 7 -2018

Battle for the Ring 11 -2019

Highlands of Chaos Opener -2019

Battle of Anigawa -2019

Fool's Raid -2019

Phoenix Rising 6 -2019

Chaos Wars 23 -2019

Battle for the Ring 12 -2020

Highlands of Chaos Opener -2020

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Character race


Character story

The sky opened up in a furious rainstorm, ferrying the ocean's freezing winds onto the precipice where Harlock sat. From beneath the churning waters, an eerie song began to drift toward her, promising power over the bitterness and sorrow in her heart. Curious, she stood and walked, her bare feet carrying her past the cliffs toward where the weedy beach met the ocean. Without mortal cares of safety Harlock swam out into the ocean until her limbs were lead. There, beneath the gray waters, she saw them: the seven dread gods of the Syrens. And when her eyes met the sapphire red eyes of the final goddess, Sylwa, she felt a draw so strong she exhaled until her chest hurt. She felt Sylwa's presence glide over her skin. She felt Sylwa's mind pierce her own. And she felt the secrets of her loneliness and need for vengeance spill from corners of her soul. Sylwa asked an impossible question. Harlock gave an impossible answer. And it happened. Cold fingers wrap around her ankles, and the frothy crest of a wave rose over her. She heard her own gasping as the salt water filled up her lungs. She watched, from a distance, as her human life fled her. And at last, she was reborn.

The sad rags she'd worn into the sea were replaced by beautiful blue and purple skirts and scarves that caught the currents in the water and flared out, expanding like elegant fins. A new power filled her--the power to visit vengeance on those who had wronged her. But she also felt grace, a willingness to live happily and protect others from the loneliness and isolation she'd felt as a mortal.

She became a kind and welcoming thing, except of course to those would hurt her or hers. For them, the fury of the sea herself awaited.




Syren Hair

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