Giants Awakening IV

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Event Information

Dates: Thursday August 21st 2014 to Sunday August 24th 2014
Event Fees: $20 Canadian Pre-Reg and $25 Canadian or American at Troll
Time: We welcome you to roll in on Thursday August 16th after 3pm local time (EST) and be off at Noon (12pm Local Time) on Sunday
Location: 130 Dorion Loop Rd Dorion, ON (This is about an 1 hour outside of Thunder Bay)
Facebook Event: Giants Awakening IV
Event Event Co-Ordinators: Antoinette and Akroth and Zay(Caterer)

Driving Directions

Map to the Event Site from Trans-Canada Highway 11/14 West

Map from USA Border at Grand Portage to Event Site


In order to cross the American Canadian Boarder and come to this event you will need your passport, or passport card. For land travel you only need your passport card.

There is a airport in Thunder Bay. Its Airport code is YQT. Airlines that fly into the Thunder Bay International Airport are WestJet, Porter and Air Canada. You require a passport book for air travel, passport cards are NOT valid for air travel.
General passport information can be found here.

Passport Card Information can be found here.
Please Note that Passport Cards are less expensive then the traditional passport book BUT can only be use at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry

If you need your passport in a hurry that information is here.

If you need to renew your passport you can get that information here.

To find the closest passport office to you you can use this tool to locate it.


Thursday Aug 21th 2014

  • Get here
  • Set up
  • Hang out
  • Feast (Chicken Pot Pie or Grilled Chicken Legs with Roasted Maple Syrup Cookies)

Friday Aug 22nd 2014

  • Breakfast (Bacon and Eggs OR Breakfast Wraps)
  • Weapons Check 10am
  • Fighting
  • Feast (Moose and Beef Stew with Homemade buns and Rustic Apple Pie)
  • Drinking/Singing/ Hanging out at Fire

Saturday Aug 23rd 2014

  • Breakfast (Bacon and Eggs OR Breakfast Wraps)
  • Weapons Check 10am
  • Fighting
  • Tournaments (That didnt happen becuase it was too hot)
  • Swimming in Wolf River
  • Feast (Pulled Pork, Ribs, Grilled Chicken, Blueberry Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream)
  • Dusk Fighting
  • Story/Music/Card Against Humanity

Sunday Aug 24th 2014

  • Breakfast (Bacon and Eggs OR Breakfast Wraps)
  • Pack up
  • Out by Noon
  • Meet at Java Hut for Lunch (POUTINE)



From Thunder Guard
Antoinette, Akroth, Kodite, Tyrimas, Hemtite, The Fifth, Jumbles, Graven, Fafhrd, Jenna, Alys, Karri, Bishop, Catherine, Curtis

From Out of Town
Chiron, Rowan, Bonnie


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