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Fun Noodles are the often colorful Closed-cell foam tubes used in swimming pools. They are a poor quality of foam and break down very quickly. As such, they are not suitable for striking surfaces on Belegarth weapons and are rarely used for other purposes. They can be used as incidental/haft padding, though their low durability makes pipe foam or camp pad a better choice. They are most often used as the "core" of the ball of a flail, for which they are well suited (see Constructing a Bag-head Flail).

Also good for insta-pommels

In other games

Fun noodles are used much more extensively in other foam combat sports, particularly those where "lightest touch" counts, such as Amtgard. For these sports, the poor durability of fun noodles is not as large of a problem due to the much lighter strikes, and they are widely used for the simplicity in construction and reduction in weight that they can provide. Fun noodle weapons from such sports tend not to pass Belegarth weapon check for a variety of reasons, and are generally not suitable for Belegarth fighting.

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