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The Belegarth of Flagstaff Realm, currently under the working name of 'Frozen Peak', is a newly emerging Belegarth chapter based in the City of Flagstaff. The group started on 9/19/2013 and has been seeking members ever since.

First Practice of Spring/Winter: March 29th, 3pm-5pm Wheeler Park



Speck - Founder


Frozen Peak is currently organizing and seeking foam fighters of all kinds, Belegarth veterans, newbies, and otherwise. The chapter is based at Wheeler Park in downtown Flagstaff. Please join the Facebook Group Belegarth of Flagstaff [1] if you'd wish to get in touch!

To become a member, a signed waiver is all that is required. Being a member confers an equal voice in the decisions made by Frozen Peaks.

Fighter Practice is to be determined by vote for the 2014 Winter/Spring.

Fighters 18+ are welcome to join.

Field Rules

In general, Belegarth of Flagstaff obeys the Belegarth Book of War rules. According to Flagstaff City Ordinance, we are not allowed to use bows or crossbows. Javelins and rocks are still allowed.

In addition, all fighters must sign a realm waiver at their first practice.


For more information and realm rules, see the facebook group.[2] To contact the group leader, email

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