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Exile Symbol
Ralik @ Oktoberfest'09

Exile is a unit of Grond. We formed Exile on March 15, 2008, and we are based mainly in Wyoming Illinois. As of now we are one of the strongest units in the Peoria area. We are Exile the damned and the crazed. We fight for no one but ourselves. We eat, sleep, and drink death as we look forward to our own demise. We back down to no one, even if the challenge that is against us is unbeatable we fight because anger and death is what we know best. We have a forum/board website: http://exileil.lefora.com/


  • Tyler Gray- Dawken Rank: Leader
  • Chris Abbey- Noodles Rank: Warden
  • Matt Goforth- Saren Rank: Warden
  • Josh O'Neill- D'Vinn The Master Ambassador Rank: Warden
  • Lance- Ralik Rank: Veteran
  • Jamie- Icculas Rank: Veteran
  • Travis Gray Rank: Member
  • Corey Orr- Carnfax Rank: Member
  • Brandon- Valian Rank: Member
  • Jeff- Poncho Rank: Member
  • Phoenix- Phoenix Rank: Member
  • Jeremy- Creamy Rank: Member
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