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Ember Kazoo is veteran fighter who got his start in Amtgard at the young age of 14, After learning of belegarth he switched. He is proficient in sword and board and archery, and shows promise in florentine and polearm combat. Formerly a member of The Blades under Blademaster Rift and The Dark Brotherhood, He is currently a member of The Forsaken. He has attended several large events over the course of his fighting career but most recently has become more known in the community after moving from his home realm of Beornve to Anduril run by Anastasia of Chamonix, He currently leads the realm of Helm's Deep in Hemet, California. His preferred enjoyments are video games, fighting, and shield bashing people off bridges.

His shield bears the symbol of Ursyne his former mentor and trainer.

Events Attended

  • Melcoarme 2007
  • WPO 2007, 2008, 2009
  • BFTR 3, 4, 5, 7, 8
  • Chaos XIII
  • Bear Blast 1, 2
  • Celtic Highland Festival 2008-2009
  • Swordcoast 1
  • Stronghold 1
  • Battle of Andor 2012

General Info

Style of fighting

  • Sword and Board
  • Florentine
  • Archery
  • Polearm

Previous Realms

Eber garb.jpg

Persona History

Ember Kazoo of the clan Kazoo, subservient to the Gedundheit family, Lords of the Achoo lands, was raised to be a warrior, trained from a young age by his family's master fighter Ravenos. Ravenos comes from a long line of skilled warriors who have aided the Gesundheit family for many generations. while Ember's lineage is not completely human it is the more predominant of his bloodline and as such does not stand out as much as some of his more eccentric family members. His shield was given to him by a werebear named Ursyne who found himself a much needed training companion and ally when he stumbled across Ember in the woods when he was 14. he continued the training of the young warrior from where Ravenos left off. It taught Ember to be a wall in terms of combat. steady, firm, and unyielding. yet capable of bursts of speed and accuracy when needed. over the course of his lifetime he has achieved several awards for services to his clan, his realms, and units who he has fought alongside. Ember ran across the distraught Wulf of Witherwood several seasons ago and provided him with council and friendship, which he gladly and wholeheartedly accepted. to this day they have remained steadfast friends and allies, a trend he hopes to continue til the day he can raise his sword and shield no more.

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