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Fighter name: Edirkan
Real Name: John Vroman
Past Realms: Pelargir (2004)
Current Realm: Dominaria (2010)
Unit: Cu Sith
Fighting Styles: Board and Blue, Halberd, 2H mace with spear head

Mini-Bio: I got started in the sport after buying a Long-Broadsword from an Edhellen booth at GenCon SoCal 2004, being heavily interested in western Swordplay of the dark ages, I asked a few questions and found the realm of Pelargir. After starting off like a total scrub, I soon learned that this was a serious sport and a way to finally realize my desire to learn western swordplay and took the lessons I received from Sir Darklax and Mother Rain to heart. My stay in Pelargir was short, however, as I ended up moving to a deadzone for the sport known as North Carolina, however, undaunted, I've been attempting to start a stable realm out here and that realm is soon to be born.

Events Attended: Equinox XX, Winter War X

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