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Species: Dire Wolf

Known members: Dyre and Kayvaan

Eternally chasing the moon, fighting over who gets to hunt eternal


“The Dread Gods are eldritch war deities from a lost antediluvian age that continue to speak to monstrous priests in the current era. Driven from the Celestial Realms after the Sundering War and weakened by the worship of younger gods, they constantly call for sacrifices to keep up their strength and power. In return for the relentless blood tithe, their followers are granted hideous boons. Although they have no missionaries in any conventional sense, they occasionally compel individuals to further their dark agenda. Those who have been touched by their influence, whether by miasmic visions of death or by the violent handiwork of the faithful, are often driven insane. Their priests are either independant witch-doctors calling upon the ancient traditions of their forefathers or members of The Great Hunt, a militant hunting organization.” -Yaga Malark, The Dogma of Blood and a creation myth

Eons after the Sundering War had come and gone, and the age of man had risen, Fenris now restored to a fraction of his former power through the efforts of the Great Hunt devised actions to further the spread of his worship. Fenris clawed into the void, raking out shreds of corporeal darkness. With that darkness He wove flesh, bone, and fur, willing the void into physical manifestations of The Wolf’s form. Reaching inwardly this time, Fenris tore from within Himself an essence of insatiable hunger and raw feral power. Life now flowing in their bodies, Fenris cast His spawn upon the mortal realm, a wolfking and wolfqueen to challenge his cult and spread his influence even further.

Physical Description

Massive wolves with opposable digits, capable of handling tools and of bipedal actions. Roughly weighing in around 250lbs and standing upwards of 7 feet when on their hind legs, these monsters are feral bloodlust wrapped in fur and muscle.


Direwolves exist as physical manifestations of the Dread God Fenris, a malevolent deity driven by base instinct and cunning genius. As such the wolves are consumed by a hunger and a thrill for the hunt. They are a nomadic species, constantly travelling in pursuit of challenging prey and an ever present pursuit of physical excellence.

An excerpt written by Yaga Malark on Fenris and his practitioners: “The Temple of the Black Beast dwells in the tension before a strike and the preparation for conflict. The cultists of the Great Black train rigorously amongst their own, using whatever means available to strengthen themselves and chase excellence. Thusly, these cultists are especially active in The Great Hunt. They are granted the advantage of ability and a nearly psychic foresight, feeling very much at home in the haze of battle”

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