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Dire halflings are a subspecies of halfling or Hobbit. They are medium humanoids, standing anywhere above 5'4". Apart from their stature, they share many traits with their regular halfling brethren.

Appearance: Dire halflings stand much taller than common halflings, but share the same plump build, hairy feet, and slightly pointed ears. Their hair ranges from wavy to curly, and is often cut short. Like other hobbits, dire halfling fashion is practical, yet comfortable, favoring waistcoats, loose sleeves, cloaks, and breeches. It is also common for them to wear clothing in much bolder colors than the usual yellow and green, favoring shades of red, blue, or plum.

History: Legend tells of a halfling woman who was out hunting for mushrooms in the forest neighboring her village. She was heavily pregnant at the time and quickly became exhausted. Hearing the sound of running water nearby, she thirsted and began to look for the source. It wasn’t long before she found a small clearing with a pool of silvery liquid, now thought to be ent-draught. The halfling woman drank deeply and, once satisfied, cheerfully returned home.

Soon after her excursion, the halfling woman bore a baby far larger than any born to hobbit-kind. The child continued to grow, surpassing even the tallest of their matured peers. Rumors arose, claiming that the child’s true father had been a human. The child was shunned, regarded as an omen of immorality and an affront to halfling-kind. With a heavy heart, the halfling mother sent away her child, bidding them to start anew in a land where they would be accepted in spite of their appearance. She gave them a pony to ride and a parcel of food, and after a tearful goodbye, the misbegotten halfling rode away to a distant land.

Not much is known of the first dire halfling, their name lost to time. Dire halflings are often thought to be related to this great ancestor, but there have been those born to common halflings that reach abnormal size. The location of the land of the dire halfling is one of the best kept secrets among hobbit-kind. Common halflings either regard it as a place where strange ones go to die, or dismiss its existence entirely. Dire halflings keep tight lipped when questioned, protecting their sanctuary from invaders and preserving the virtue of their community.

Culture: Dire halflings are a self sufficient folk, often keeping to themselves in their homes below the hills. They boast a variety of talents like farming, baking, brewing, music, art, and unlike most other hobbits, they have a talent for combat. Parties are enjoyed by many, especially those that are filled with dancing, food, and mirth. Though shy of other races, dire halflings are usually very friendly, tremendously open minded, and adventurous. They can speak common and halfling, but daren’t share their native tongue with those outside their race.

Dire halflings possess a very fast metabolism, needing to eat a fairly regular schedule of seven meals per day:
Second Breakfast,
Afternoon Tea,

Their food consists of nourishing faire, often simple and in great portions. They enjoy bread, cheeses, fruit, honey, seeds, meat, potatoes, and fresh milk. Alcohol is popular among them, though not valued as passionately as it is among dwarves. Dire halflings have a large appetite for sweet things, often cakes and pastries, and will go to great lengths to get them. Dire halflings are also social eaters, preferring company at mealtimes more than at any other time of day.

Human Passing: Dire halflings share a complicated relationship with mankind. Humans often see them as silly and useless, occasionally leading to animosity. To hide among humans, dire halflings will wear shoes to cover their trademark feet. They may also wear corsets to conceal their plumpness, or hide their ears under their hair to conceal their peaked ear tips. Dire halflings are tall enough to pass for shorter humans, allowing them to easily blend in with human society. Unlike common hobbits, dire halflings can comfortably ride most horses. Dire halflings are sometimes selected as warriors, as their dexterity and martial skill set them apart from general hobbit kind, in addition to assisting their effort to assimilate in human communities.

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