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Consider this a work in progress started from Chicken's post. http://board.belegarth.com/viewtopic.php?p=403350#p403350

The Rules differences between Dagorhir and Belegarth are very minor, but some do exist. In order to ease crossing over between the two groups the following table has been compiled and is accurate as of December 2010.

Belegarth Rule Dagorhir Rule
All weapons must pass <0.5" through 2.5" hole Blue/red only weapons must pass <0.5" through 2" hole (greens follow the 2.5" rule), javelins must pass <0.5" through 3.5" hole
Spears must flex <45 degrees Spears must flex <90 degrees
No flail head weight requirement, min circumference 15", less than 1.5" of rope/chain exposed (the rest covered by dingleberries), 40" max length Flail head >4ozs., min circumference 16", tether must be "completely covered" in foam, no length maximum
Swung weapon < 24" has no weight minimum, 24-48" > 12ozs, 48"+ > 24ozs. Swung weapon 0-48" > 12ozs. and 48"+ > 24ozs.
Javelins must weigh < 16ozs. Javelins must weigh < 24ozs.
No blade dimensions, just hit test Blade min dimensions: 2-edge = 1.25" x 3", 1-edge = 1.25" x 2.5"
No rock weight max Rocks must weigh < 24ozs.
No balance requirement Swung weapon cannot balance below the padding (in the handle)
No ahistorical/fantasy metals, 20ga min Titanium allowed, min 16ga metal armor, solid plate or welded/riveted mail can be 18ga, 1/8" max thickness
No metal gauntlets Metal gauntlets permitted
A shield must be < (wielder's height - 18") and must be rigid (ie pass the 'taco rule' [1]) A shield may not be taller than the distance between the wielder’s chin and their ankles and there is no flexibility restriction
18" unpadded area or 1/3 the length of the weapon, whichever is longer, not to exceed 1/2 the length of the weapon No swung weapon may have more than 1/3 of its overall length unpadded, nor have more than 30” unpadded
Axes, flails, maces, polearms, and the like must have "enough padding to prevent injury" on non-striking, non-handle areas Axes, flails, maces, polearms, and the like must have striking surface-level padding everywhere but the handle
Back only shields "OK" Back only shields prohibited - MoA 4.7.6
May layer up to two pieces of leather to reach the 3/16" minimum May layer "several" pieces of leather to reach the 3/16" minimum - MoA 5.3.1
Crossbows have a maximum draw weight of 15lbs at loaded draw Crossbows have a maximum draw weight of 35 lbs with a draw length of 12"
Minimum weapon length is 12" of padding (blade or haft) plus the length of handle and pommel. Minimum weapon length is 12" overall; minimum blade length is 6"
Differences in Combat:
Worn weapons, garb, etc. cannot be used to block a strike that would have impacted a valid target area. Fighters generally call 'garb' to indicate a shot that tangled in clothing or weapons, and would not have impacted a valid target area. A shot striking baggy garb, a worn weapon, etc. is a valid strike. Fighters may not call garb.
A blow solidly impacting multiple areas can only damage one, take the more disabling area Unclear, may be either, a blow solidly impacting multiple areas damages all solidly struck areas or as in Belegarth
Disabled weapon arm allows swapping weapon to good hand (Magic Switch OK) Disabled weapon arm, drop the weapon (No Magic Switch)
Leather can only initiate grapple with leather, chain, plate. Chain only with chain, plate. Plate never. Can't initiate grapple while in armor.
Shield bashing, checking and kicking are allowed. A person may not Bash, Check or Shield Kick an opponent's rear quadrant. Shield pushing or incidental contact in an opponent's rear quadrant is allowed. Can't shield bash a gimp, though you can check them. Can check from behind (but still not bash). Shield contact to the head/neck is explicitly prohibited, not just discouraged. Kicking a buckler is not discouraged. Must keep one foot on the ground during a shield kick.
May bash legged opponents (not explicitly prohibited) May NOT bash legged opponents - MoA 4.8.3
Pierced arms hang, hacked arms behind the back Pierced and hacked arms go behind your back, pierced still don't count towards death
Arrows, Rocks and Javelins must deflect >30 degrees to have hit Arrows, Rocks and Javelins only need to be slightly deflected to have hit
No healing Healing poems to recover from injuries
Anyone carrying bows or arrows may not grapple or be grappled Anyone carry bows or arrows may not grapple, but may be grappled by unarmored opponents - MoA 4.9.7
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