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Fighting/lore name: Daeduin Lup Campbell

Mundane name: C.D. Reynolds

Started fighting: March 2016, March 2018

Class/Occupation: -

Realm started in: Sunspear

Current realm: -

Fighting style: -

Unit: -

Race: Wulver (previously Garou)

History: Carter fought casually in 2013, and attended a panel presentation at a convention held by Morrigan, Ra, and Errant of Sunspear in early March 2016. They joined Sunspear a day after. Before the Siege of Sunspear, Carter dropped out of fighting for personal reasons, and returned for the event and took a break again until another several months later. Rarely been active on the Belegarth and LARP scene as 2017, but still has a fondness for the community and sport.

Interesting facts: Carter is werewolfkin and adores werewolf history, both fictional and non fictional. Carter loves video games, spiritualism, and playing and listening to music; instruments include violin, viola, feadog, autoharp, and cello. Favorite music genres include jazz noir, soundtracks, industrial/gothic, western & bluegrass, and indie folk. Carter can imitate a dog's bark to a terrifying degree of perfection, greatly enjoys fencing and archery, and has a passion for RPG tavern songs and shanties. The C.D. stands for Cool Dude.

Witnesses claim last spotted in: ye olde Fresno, California.

Events attended:

Siege of Sunspear Siege of Sunspear: All's Fair in Love and War

Events expecting to attend: -

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