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Cynothoglys the Mortician God is a deity, worshiped primarily by gnolls.

The Cult of Cynothoglys

These are the deranged worshipers of Cynothoglys the Mortician God. Cynothoglys is regarded by It's cultists as the master of death. Cynothoglys has no permanent shape or form except for a single mummified arm that tirelessly reaches through the fabric of the universe, bringing death to whatever It can grasp. In addition to reigning death amidst the mortal world, Cynothoglys is also responsible for the death dealings of all Gods. Whenever a God dies or becomes lost to It's followers, it is Cynothoglys' responsibility to hunt down that God, and put them to rest.

Cultists embrace death, considering it an honor to be touched by their God. They frequently go out of their way to put themselves in dangerous and often suicidal situations. Members of The Cult of Cynothoglys mark themselves by wrapping their limbs in bandages, often to keep their scarred, mutilated, and diseased bodies from falling apart. Rituals frequently involve human sacrifices, bizarre and gratuitous acts of self-mutilation, and among the truly devoted, mass suicide. All cultists are considered equals amongst themselves and largely practice their beliefs and rituals independently.

There is an unusual paradox associated with the worship of Cynothoglys. Because the Mortician God's sole purpose is to eradicate all life, summoning the God or otherwise attracting It's attention ultimately results in death. As a result, the existence of the God is actually impossible to prove since the only ones who have seen the God for themselves are all dead.

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