Cy Na'quil

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Cy Na'quil

Realm: Dur-Demarion
Real Name: Joseph Compton
Started: Spring 1999

Cy Na'quil: an intermediate fighter from Dur-Demarion. Recruited by Oni, Hawkins, and Turgan in the Spring of 1999. Cy's first event was Ragnarok XIV. Cy began his life in Dur-Demarion as an fun loving fighter with little regard for the more "honorable" rules of fighting. Cy was far from above backstabbing whenever the opportunity presented itself. Due to this lack of moral standing, Cy was watched by darker elements of Dur-Demarion. By late 1999, Cy underwent a his ceremonial death to be reanimated as the first DeathJester of Dur-Demarion, in the direct service to a new (and short lived) small unit called The Dark Reign. In mid-2000, Cy was sent out by Hawkins to learn of new treacherous means from around the world. Cy has yet to return permanently, but has made appearances at a few Events on occasion.

Cy has also been known to act as a minister to the Church of Sloth (Rag XIV). For more information on this topic, see: Father Ghirbin

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