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Fighter Name: "Cross"

Cross and liss 1.jpg

Real Name: [Scott Cross]

Gender: Male

Current Location: Southern California

Realm Korriban, Andúril Korriban Thursday

Fighting Since: 2013-2014 2017-Current

Unit: N/A

House Lungless

Race Hyrrokkin Nadar

Persona Backstory

Let me tell you a story of great tragedy, suffering and revenge. Long ago there was a creature. Strong in stature and even stronger in mental prowess. Though his whereabouts are currently unknown his name and presents standss the tests of time. Cross. Cross was king, and I’m not talking of man but of the animal kingdom. Serving as its protector he looked over the land and the inhabitants that resided there. No one has seen Cross and lived to tell the tail, that is until me.

I belonged to a group of nomadic workers that would travel from village to village doing odd jobs. One of the workers heard that there was a village that wanted to expand its borders. The village was a bit of a far travel, but beggars can not be choosers so we departed. Once we arrived we were told that in order for the village to expand that we must clear out some forest. Though this could prove to be a tough task, one of the party came up with the idea to start a controlled fire to burn down a section of the forest. We did not hesitate as this was a timed job as winter was soon to come. We gathered what we could and head out into the forest. The trees quickly went up in flames. I remember looking around and it seemed like the trees were pulsing, breathing if you would believe it. The fire spread rapidly as loud groans filled the air. The other workers assured me that it was the fire, but I knew something was out there.

Me and the workers began to march into the forest to ensure that the fire was not spreading to rapidly. Looking around I saw all the carnage I had bestowed to the land. Habitats destroyed, creatures killed, and for what? some money? We continued deeper into the forest. I stopped to take it all in. Whilst looking around I caught a glimpse of something. It was big! and fast! Before I knew it it pounced one of the workers. The creature looked like a giant cat with long teeth. As the giant cat began to rip apart the worker I froze in fear. “What is that thing!” “What is going on?” As I regained a grip on myself I grabbed my knife and started barking commands to the workers. The workers all grouped together. By this time the fire surrounded all of us. There was only one way out and that was through the behemoth of a cat in front of us. The cat dashed forward by the time I could blink he was ripping to shreds another worker. Panic consumed the rest of the workers as they began to run away from the beast. Knowing there was no where to run the cat began to pick them off one by one. I knew that it was either him or me. backing up to the wall of fire I screamed at the Tiger begging him to kill me. Cross slowly walked up to me. I can feel his breath on my face escaping through is blood covered teeth. I have never feel fear so pure before in my life. The sabertooth roared. The roar echoed throughout the lands. Cross stood there for a second, but could have been minuets, then he turned and walked away. He let me live? Confused and scared I began Looking around at all of the death he has bestowed. It filled me with rage and I couldn’t control it. I ran up to the cat and stuck my knife straight into the side of the stomach. I knew that this wouldn’t be enough to take it down so I began stabbing him over and over and over again. Looming over the giant cat as it slowly bleeds out. I watch the cat gasp for what little air it could obtain. I had done it. As I began to walk back to the town I saw a light brighter than anything I have ever seen before. It called to me yet all I could hear is the fire cracklings around me. When I approached the light tried to decipher what the cause of it was. Covering my eyes I reached for the source and to my surprise I grabbed a flower. Not knowing what curse I bestowed upon the land I pulled the flower from the ashes. I could feel the earth groan in pain as if I had stuck a knife straight into its heart. Not knowing what I had done I panicked. Running back towards the direction I came from. I froze. The sabertooth was no longer there. All that was left was ash and debris. I dropped to my knees as an echoing boom pierces my ears. “Arise my child and bring death to those who have wronged you, for when you are done you will bring death to the ones who have wronged me. You are my An Bas, my first born, my reaper. Now go.” as a shadowy figure stood tall flames shot up from the ground engulfing the creature in fire. Cross had risen out of the ashes like a Phoenix. The cat walked to me. What was once a saber tooth was now a indescribable monstrosity held together by burnt flesh and ash. I began to break down in tears praying for my forgiveness. As the creature approaches me I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and embrace what the future holds. I hear words muttered “I am the An Bas, the reaper. Tell my story for as you took everything thing from me; I will take everything from man. Make them heed your warning as I will be restoring order in this world.” Cross walked off into the darkness. And I was left to wallow in the wake of destruction.

Events Attended:

War of Wrath 2017

Sith Invasion on Fugl Brenna 2017

Korriban Potluck and Tournaments (2x) 2017
Cross and liss 2.jpg

Battle of Blackwater 2017

Battle For the Ring 2018

Siege of Masyaf 2018

Battle of Andor 2018

Korriban Potluck and Tournaments (x4) 2018

Pheonix Rising 2018

War of Wrath 2018

Battle of Blackwater 2018

Battle of the Ring 2019

Siege of Sunspear 2019

Sword Coast Fundraiser 2019

Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Spear, Glaive, Florentine and sometimes a filthy flail user.

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