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Cloral Orcanis

Race: Half Mer, Half Elf

Father: Psei Orcanis of Valinor

Mother: Nausicaa of Mermiome

Affiliations: Disciples of Ameth, friend of Templar Draconis Kestevara.

Home City: Mermiome

Weapons: Shield - Grimmerie; Sword - Lancaeron

Brief History of Cloral Orcanis

Cloral Orcanis is the first Amphimerm ever known to have been conceived. This son of the sea looks very much like his great father the High Elven mage, Psei Orcanis. However, he is equally like his mother, the mermaid Princess Nausicaa, his feet and hands are webbed, allowing for a marine existence, and having gills behind his ears.

Unfortunately, through a series of misadventures and potent spells of transfiguration, both his mother and father’s lives were extinguished three years after his birth. Initially dismayed by the child, Cloral’s grandfather, the Sea King Nurimtor, promised he would look after the child after his parents deaths, for he was the king’s only descendent. In time, Nurimtor would grow to the love Cloral as his own son.

With the Sea King’s guidance, Cloral grew to be kind of heart, strong, and intelligent. King Nurimtor spared no expense in Cloral’s academic and martial education, for he knew that Cloral possessed a rare gift held by none of his people, the ability to live on land as well as in sea. Thus Cloral was groomed to become the first ambassador of the hidden underwater city of Mermiome and emissary to the world above.

Today he wanders the known world enrapturing people with his tales of Mermiome sung in a sirenic voice, almost mesmerizing. He wields his father’s sword, Lancaeron and carries the Sea King’s seal on his shield, Grimmerie. He fights when justice has need of him and he aids those in turmoil, a representative of the mysterious hospitality of his people.

In addition to his diplomatic duties, Cloral searches tirelessly for his father’s stolen journal, known as the Orcin. Within its pages, is said to hold the secret to the transfiguration that allowed his mother and father’s love to be realized.

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