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Fighting Name: Char

Facebook Page: Char Blackwater

Realm: Blackwater

Favorite Style: Sword 'n' Board


Bio: Official Blame-Taker of House Blackwater.

Fun Fact: Char's insatiable thirst for selfies is second only to his uncontrollable desire to flat wrap.



Fun Fact: 2015 is The Year of The Char

"Blackwater told me it would be fun, and when they say something is fun, it means it hurts a little bit" - Char

"You two fight each other waaaaayyy too much" -sir Kyrian Hawksword on zel and char's fighting.



"Char stood at the bank of the river, challenging every passing swordsman to a duel.
With each passing moment, another sword was collected and planted in the sand as a banner to his prowess.
999 swords stood, a forest of blades; a testament to his skill and his arrogance.
It is said that on the banks of the river, the duel took place.
Both warriors ready to meet death, one to emerge victorious.
Brothers, bonded by blood, a partnership tempered in the flames of war.
As their steel met, Stich: The Sunset Mantis of Blackwater emerged victorious.
Humbled by his defeat, Char swore to fight alongside Stich until the very end.

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