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Centurion Wraith (right) with Queen Brietta (left)


Centurion of The 13th Legion

Name: Wraith
Alternative Names:
Joined Belegarth:
Home Realm: Donkere Vateran
Secondary Realms:
Unit: 13th Legion
Previous Units:
Race: Human
Favored Fighting Style: Sword and Board
Secondary Fighting Styles:

Events Attended: 1
Chaos Wars XV

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black/Gray
Eye Color: Brown...?
Skin Tone: White
Tunic Color: Black and Red Checkerboard
Pants: N/A
Skirt: White

Garb and Appearance History



When questioned about his past and history the Centurion Wraith beheaded several ambassadors in his own palace. Secondary attempts to probe the esteemed leader were met with the same fate. Spies and scouting parties sent to study him have not returned those that do return with only blood stained journals, tomahawk wounds and death. That which could be revealed only shows that at one point the 13th Legion use to be much larger until a great battle took many of its members. He is married to the esteemed Queen Brietta and he had a direct hand in the recruiting of Crow after the Battle of Thermopylae. All other information gathered is blood stained and illegible.
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