Cedric Hesin Raca

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  • Fighting since: 2006
  • Location: Hillsboro, Oregon // Eugene, OR // Tacoma, WA
  • Race: Human, Briton
  • Realm: Tir na nOg
  • Weapons of choice: Sword and strap shield


Cedric and Slyse

Cedric (pronounced Ked-Rick) has been fighting for over 6 years, but the first 5 were not in Belegarth. He studied styles such as I.33, Fiore Manuscripts, Aikido Weapons and Samurai Arts, and SCA combat. Cedric found Morwen while she was recruiting for her horseback archery army, and they formed an alliance. She inducted him into belegarth, and shortly after, they found the newly formed Tir na nOg and became the first "new" members. "New" because while they were new to the realm, both were veteran fighters. Cedric is currently enlisted in Tir na nOg as a sort of wandering warrior, not dissimilar to the ronin of Japan. Where his life takes him, so he will go, and there he will fight.


Western Wars 2009, Chaos 12.

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