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Catfolk are a race of humanoid felines



Catfolk are cousins to goblins, but mother despises goblins as she always has. All Catfolk are descendants of the goddess Pissran, in one way or another. There are several children of Pissran, that every Catfolk is born from and/or pray to for help and guidance. Not all Catfolk choose to follow or agree with the ideas of all Pissran's children, it is up to the individuals beliefs and morals.


Catfolk are sneaky and cunning. We all find ways to get out of trouble and still get what we want. Tend to be attracted to and chase shiny objects, as well as the evil red dot known as a laser. Some Catfolk have been known to climb into boxes and sit for periods of time, there is currently a merchant with a box in front of her shop for Catfolk to stop and relax. This merchant loves Catfolk and most Catfolk love her


The appearance of Catfolk vary even greater than humans, with their size ranging from just three feet, all the way up to eight. They are almost always covered in a coat of fur, from short to long, thin to thick, though hairless variations are not unheard of. They have the bone structure of a cats, but are bipedal, though small catfolk are comfortable switching back and forth to quadrupedal. They have retractable claws in their hands and feet, and are feline in appearance. Their markings are also innumerable, with the most common being wild cats, such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, and lynxes. Another common variety are typical housecat patterns, such as the simple tabby, ranging from any color to any pattern typical of a standard Tabby house cat. Their sizes generally correspond to their ancestry, with Lions and Tigers generally being quite large, and Tabbies and Lynxes being quite a bit smaller, though the reverse, with large tabbies and small lions and are not uncommon.

Physical Significations

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  • Most catfolk are seen with intricate face paint, typically that of dark colors and stripes of some sort.
  • Most choose to have ears or a tail


All Catfolk come from one of four tribes. Each tribe has their own personality traits and styles.
These tribes are divided between Eastern Catfolk (Rakasta, Tabaxi, Raksasha) and Western Catfolk (Khajiit) groups.

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