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Carpet tape is a high-strength, high-adhesion double-sided tape used in weapon construction.

Carpet tape is available in two primary forms: indoor and indoor/outdoor. For weapon construction purposes, only use the indoor/outdoor variety, which has visible fiberglass weaving within the tape and a significantly stronger adhesive. This version is manufactured by Duck Brand Tape.

Another option of carpet tape is sold by some hardware stores in the upper midwest and manufactured by the 'Custom Tape Company'. The indoor/outdoor version is thick, black and is extremely strong, stiff and has a very strong adhesive. This tape is a good alternative DAP for use in weapon construction, even for binding foam to the core of the weapon. It is approximately $5 per roll, but can be difficult to find. The indoor/outdoor version comes in a blue and white box with a picture of a person laying down outdoor carpet near a swimming pool.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Tape vs. DAP


  • Takes significantly less time .
  • Ease of use. It's unlikely that 'too much' tape will be used.
  • It is safer. There is no risk of health hazards from inhalation of fumes or the risk of fire from flammable vapors.
  • Easier cleanup. There is no risk of spillage, dropping a DAP'ed piece of foam on the carpet and leaves no residue.


  • Has trouble maintaining adhesion in cold temperatures.
  • More expensive than DAP.
  • Is not as durable as DAP in the long term.
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