Capt. Mordock Sangblaade (Grand Weapons Master and Founder of "The Crimson Armada")

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A ruthless leader, weaponsmith, captian, and arms master. A gentleman if there's ever been one, but a bloodthirsty one at that. Fearless in battle; deadly with every weapon he touches. A brainy, brauny, and briny soul. Cast to the seas in his youth, trained in the arts of naval warfare, understudy of the masters of surprise. Knowledgable in all fighting styles. Agile as a fox and nimble as a monkey. Your throat will bleed a fore you catch glimpse of the man. Known for his ability to take whole batallions down by himself; now he teachs others to do likewise. To contact the very devil himself and pin your soul to his quest, send an email to, or find a sacred cellular device and enter these strange series of digets: 1-(262)-422-1608

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