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Cancer is the name of a minor fighter in Belgarth. Zane introduced him to the Society. Originally called Grond, he became known as Cancer to the realm of Ebonhold. He was an active warrior in 2005-2006 but other wars called him away from the action.


He was named Magânkhaa at birth, the son of King Ciryandil of Gondor. He was sent to help in the wars in Arnor, and at the Battle of Fornost was left for dead by the Witch-King himself. He tried to return to Gondor, but ended up instead in the realm of Ebonhold.

Seeing warfare in Rigby, he joined in the battles. He became a force on the field, and despite his quietness, he became a leader that resulted in several victories. One of them was breaking a shield wall in which some of the best warriors were killed in the attempt. Another time even Ryno gave up in the face of the attacks upon him.

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