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Calohtar's Insignia, worn on his signature shield.

Name: Calohtar (Warrior of Cal)

Race: Ayvaxian

Appearance: Human

Favorite Fighting Style: Sword and Board

Secondary Fighting Styles: Ball and Wall, Florentine (often Sword and Flail), Great Sword,

Primary Realm: Thrimya

Other Realms Attended: Aquilonia and Ered Duath

Fighting Since: Early 2010, however, he took a hiatus which was broken only occasionally until now. Ergo, total amount of time actually fighting at least once per week, likely closer to 9 months.

Character History

Calohtar fights in the honor of Her Ladyship, Ayvaxia, the Goddess of the far-off world from whence he comes. A young and hardly significant member of her discipleship, he fights where ever he can find challengers, to prove his worth and bring honor to his people. He fights after the order of Cal, who ended eternal war in the land where he founded the mighty kingdom of Nacron. In his name, Calohtar hopes also for peace through strength and virtue.

Calohtar is a firm believer in honor, chivalry, and wisdom, and hopes for a society free of vulgarity and dishonorable pursuits.

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