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Name: Brom
Realm: Babylon
Favorite weapon combo: Sword and board
Race: Goblin

                        Broms history
Brom was born in a cave in july 1994.When he was only 8 years old pinkys killed his mother.He watched as the pinkys cut his mother into hamburger meat and fed her to the dogs. So then Brom was pissed.

A week later when Brom was almost dead from starvation Brom was walking when he saw a tent. He walked up to the tent and saw a kobold talking to a hat troll the koblold said"you is hat troll, and that is my flask and my belt and you name is Juicer. When the kobold left Brom approached the hat trool Juicer and asked for some food. The hat troll gave Brom food and let him stay.
Over the next few years Juicer teach Brom how to fight.In one fight wit da pinkys Juicer give Brom a warhammer and a great mace and swing Brom around and kill like 3 pinkys.
                             To be continued...
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