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Dolversin "Bozzy" Anvilbreaker

Race: Dwarf

Other Names: Bozmer, Boz

Current Realm: Abraxas

Unit: None

Handedness: The manner considered Right

Fighting Preferences: Sword N' Board, Ball N' Wall

Started Fighting: 2018

Character Lore

Born of another name and raised in the mountains beneath the of fervent expanse . He was brought up in a home with a warm hearth and full bellies. Throughout the years he felt as if something in the core of him was missing. Now he searches out his own destiny, unaware of what is to become. Will he be the dawn or will he be the dusk in his new cycle of life?

Major Events

Wolfpack 19'

Spring Wars: 19'

Armageddon 19'

Oktfest 19'

Single Day events 2019 to be posted at the end of 2019.

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