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Sad Bones be sad.

Name: Bones deh Goblyn
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: Horde - Awakened at Melcaorme 2016, Year of Pain
Race: Goblyn
Fighting Since: 2012
Favorite Weapon Style: Board and Bat, Dagger

Bones was birthed in the forests of Eriador, proving his strength even killing off some of his siblings in the womb, having only 4 siblings of note. He reached far greater achievements in his snotling years successfully pranking an ogre, claiming his right as a warrior through killing a pack of untamed Wargs. In his early molting he came upon the realm of Tir Asleen under the watchful eye of the witchdoktor Galya. He resides there for the time being killing what he can for sport going to Barter Town to sell his wears. Living through his molting and more, Bones decided to search for greater heights in the Horde, becoming a feral warrior of their ranks being sponsored by Sigurd.

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