Bolak the Bloodthirsty

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Name: Michael, "Tedesco"

Occupation: Student of Engineering UA

Race: Orc

Loyalties: Umbra Imperium

Currently Residing: Akron, Ohio

Fighting Since: 2011

Weapons of Choice: Red Sword or Axe

Despite his current life Bolak the "Bloodthirsty" was born Bolak Bloodaxe, a member of a strong and proud clan of smiths and mercenaries. Bolak learned the trade of orcish smithing techniques and was raised to fight well amongst his brothers. He served his clan well and hoped someday to join the Horde. He fought hard in his clan every day to survive, but this was not to last long. A group of crusaders, angels, men, and elves came and slaughtered all the men of his clan. The women were sold into service in the far off taverns and brothels, and the children were brought into the slave caravan. Bolak was but five summers.

However, five summers later a noblewoman of the north who was known to have strange tastes purchased the young orc to be her adopted "son". For years he studied in this new household of human nobility and learned from several Goblyn tutors of some renown. Bolak became a student of engineering as he began to learn the craft of the small, green, inventors who taught him not only the craft, but also the love of money and of explosives. From time to time he was brought out to parties with the human nobles to show off his work and be the "entertainment" of the evening. All seemed well, if not perfect, at least from his perspective.

Then one day a an unknown scarred man, of the Region Ohio, insulted the Orc, saying he was a weak, pasty, slave-child who would be nothing more than a pet to the noblewoman. One would wonder why he would tell an Orc such a thing, but he sparked something in the beast. At the age of fourteen summers he murdered the entire household in cold blood. The scarred man took Bolak and brought him to the Gladiator Pits. It was there he was given the name Bolak the Bloodthirsty for his complete destruction and desecration of all his opponents and their corpses.

A man known only as "The Faceless Monk" found the lad and suggested to the King to pick up the gladiator for the Kingdom's forces. They picked him up and for a time he was happy. He even found love in a young, but seductive Succubus. But after she left for the lands west he began to grow restless, angry, and wild. He attacked several members of the realm in a wild rage. He was given temporary exile and was recently given temporary return and under watch until further notice.

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