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New Lenox, IL

This realm no longer practices. If you are looking for information or live in the area of New Lenox and want to try out the sport, PM Aimish on the Belegarth forum.

Units: N/A


  Michael "Iggy" Ignowski
  Justin "Boomy" Stephens
  Matt "Dozer" Doser

Practices: Usually from 12:00 - 3:00/4:00 PM at Sharons Bay Park, Bluestone Bay subdivision New Lenox, IL

  • If Weather Permits*

Webpage: [1]]

Contact Us:

Info: A new small realm. Most fighters have 1 or 2 years under their belt but some have more and some have less. Everyone is welcome to fight and no experience is required. If you are looking for another realm near Muxlovia-thats us. Garb is not Required but is much appreciated.

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