Blademaster Sir Feyne the Reaper

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Fighter Information

Blademaster Sir Feyne

Name: Blademaster Sir Feyne the Reaper
Actual Name: Nick Lincoln
Gender: M
Race: Shapeshifter
Realm: Avalon
Local: NE Ohio
Unit: No Quarter!

  • Previous Unit(s): Warlords of Armageddon, Kyulicks

Primary Fighting Style: Red Sword/Pole
Tournament House: Hidden Temple
Fighting Since: ~2008

Other Information

Blademaster Sir Feyne's Knights Heraldry

Started Squiring: 2014
Squired To: Sir Claw Von Yoji
Knighted: June 2017
Heraldry: Triceratops
Colors: Gold, Black, White
Maxim: Honor Never Die
Blademastered: December 9th 2018 by the Council of Blademasters

Events Attended

Blademaster Sir Feyne (center) at Rag. Photo Credit Elsea Photography

It might be easier to list the events Blademaster Sir Feyne has not been to. However we are not going to do that either. From this point forward we will try to keep track of the events attended.

  • Ragnarok 2019


Blademaster Sir Feyne began squireship under Sir Claw Von Yoji in the year 2014, and due to unfortunate happenings, saw the beginning of his knighting ceremony bedside, during Sir Yoji's final hours. When the time had come, and all trial had passed, under the of eye Sir Luther Von Durgin, and many other knights, of many other realms, Squire Feyne took the title Sir, by the beginning hand of Sir Claw Von Yoji, and the finishing weight of his own merit. And so the torch is passed. Honor Never Dies.

Blademaster Sir Feyne and Friends
Blademaster Sir Feyne fighting Red
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