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Two bandpoles
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A Bandshoppe pole, sometimes known as a band pole, is a hollow fiberglass pole originally made for flags in marching bands. They are commonly used as a core for polearms.

Approximately 1" in diameter and available in lengths up to 8', band poles are very strong, have almost no flex at 8', yet are relatively light for their length. They are very widely used in the construction of polearms, such as spears and glaives, as well as other very large red weapons. Because bandpoles have so little flex, care must be taken to sufficiently pad the weapon.

Band poles are quite expensive as weapon cores go, averaging at least $10/pole. They have an extremely long lifespan, however, and are widely considered the best core material for polearms.

Sources of band poles

  • Bandshoppe - The original and eponymous purveyor of band poles. They have since been found to be significantly more expensive than other sources.
  • Smith and Walbridge - Another recently discovered source of bandpoles which appear in all ways identical to poles from bandshoppe. Their poles cost ~$10.25 each without shipping (there is a $9 shipping surcharge not shown in the total). (5'-6' poles)
  • Max Gain Systems - Another source of fiberglass poles that some think rival bandpoles in all ways other than color (YMMV). Their poles cost ~$9 each without shipping (there is a $7 handling charge added in the total shipping for poles over 68" or 5.5 feet). THEIR 8' 1" DIAMETER POLES ARE VERY FLEXIBLE. NOT RECOMMENDED. Some reports state that their poles have significant more flex than a normal bandshoppe pole. YMMV.

Prior Sources (archived to check in the future)

The newest found (competitive) source of bandpoles. Their 8' poles are a flat $13 and their shipping rates are surprisingly cheap, and free for orders over $99. They appear most competitive for small orders (under 6 poles) and some large orders (10 or more poles).

A newer source of bandshoppe poles. Prices range from $13.95 - 15.95, and will do a limited amount of price matching. The big plus of 123 is they have free shipping with no minimum order, AND they don't charge extra for 8' poles (which are commonly "oversized" and cost extra to ship).

Comparable prices to 123 Music, with a minimum order of only $25 to qualify for free shipping.

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