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Arrakis' sigil
Fighting Since: June '07

Started Fighting in: Dur-Demarion
Fighting Company: Omega
Games: Belegarth, Dagorhir (Wolf Hill, NJ), SCA (East), Amtgard (Bridgehaven, GV)
Favorite Styles: Two Swords, Sword and Shield, Single, Red Sword, Spear

Arrakis is a fairly decent fighter who started out in Dur-Demarion in Nashville, TN and has since moved to Connecticut and then New Jersey, where he'll fight anybody from any game who won't complain about him hitting them "too hard". He's fighting SCA in Settmour Swamp, East Kingdom; Amtgard in Bridgehaven, Goldenvale; and Dagorhir in Wolf Hill while finishing up his PhD.

He takes garb and weapon/shield commissions. Contact him on the Belegarth boards or the Armour Archive or wherever for information.

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