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Artificer Apprentice Alyna.jpeg

Full Name: Alyna

Companion to Sven the Apothecary

Units: B.R.O. and The Juggernauts

Titles: Artificer Guild Apprentice, Proprietress of The Honest Merchants, Juggernaut Acolyte

Realms: Shannara

Fighting Since: July 2011

Race: Unknown

Fighting Styles: Merchant

Real Name: Marie

Events Attended

2020: Battle for the Ring, Cheesecake Wars Feb, Highlands of Chaos Opener

2019: Highlands of Chaos Opener, War of the Forbidding, Chaos Wars 24, Battle for TWALD 14, Cheesecake Wars: Nov, Dec

2018: Battle for the Ring, Chaos Wars 23

2017: Highlands of Chaos Opener, Chaos Wars 22, Battle for TWALD 12

2016: Highlands of Chaos Opener, Chaos Wars 21, T-WALD 11

2015: Chaos Wars 20, Thaw Brawl, T-Wald 10

2014: Chaos Wars 19, Thaw Brawl

2013: Chaos Wars 18, Thaw Brawl, The Hallows, Kill-N-Grill, Opener

2012: Chaos Wars 17, The Hallows,


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