Ages of the World

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Ages of the World

The Age of Creation. It begins with the awakening of Melashekhaad, and goes through his creation of the universe and the gods, and finally the goblyns. It is the longest age, and where our oldest stories come from. It is the time of Skribbit and Reth, when all goblyns were True Goblyns, and we teased and bested the other race's gods, who had physical bodies back then. Baulk's betrayal occurred towards the end of the Age of Creation, and the other races appeared soon after. With the betrayal, goblyns strength slowly waned, and the Great War was waged against us, by all the races in a nation called Empire, united under their gods, who were controlled directly by Marjack. The Age of Creation ended with Reth's final battle, and the destruction of Empire when Melashekhaad reached down and plucked him from their clutches. This touching of the earth by Melashekhaad destroyed Empire, creating the fire mountain of Nezzar and the surrounding mountains. The gods' physical bodies were destroyed, breaking the chain from Marjack to them to their creations, giving the gods free will from Marjack and Melashekhaad, and the gods' creations free will from their own creators. Reth sits on Melashekhaad's shoulder, and lives on today.

The Age of Retreat. Before Empire was destroyed, goblyn strength was broken (almost for good) in a titanitc battle. With Reth's departure they were leaderless, scattered, and few. The other races, although weakened by Empire's destruction, hounded them mercilessly, until the goblyns became the most wretched race on the earth. The Age of Retreat lasted far too long, and was ended by the birth and rise of Nebukhadnezzar.

The Age of Nezzar. This age was brief, compared to the others, but it marked a major turning point in goblyn history. Nebukhadnezzar retrieved Reth's armor from the fiery mountain and led the goblyns on a war to regain what they had lost. Under his rule and the rule of the successor Kings of Nezzar, a great swath of land around Nezzar and the mountains was wrested from the other races, who were all slaughtered or fled. The world learned to fear the goblyns again, and the old stories and traditions were renewed. This age ended with the passing of Nebukhadnezzar's soul and the destruction of the city.

The Age of Tribes. After the fall of Nezzar, the goblyns split into their tribes and scattered across the world again. Goblyns were no longer as feared, but nor were they weak. Goblyn kingdoms rose to power in many places around the world, often correlating to the presence of Neb's head, though none rivaled fallen Nezzar. The Age of Tribes lasted a long time, and was ended by the acts of the great general Izareth.

The Age of Unification. The goblyn King Izareth set out to unify all monsters against the encroaching power of the pinky kingdoms. Indeed, over the long years of the Age of Tribes the Hu-man, elfie, and dwarfthings, among others, had risen to great strength, and were slowly driving the monsters to extinction. We live in the Age of Unification. It is a time of rebirth and renewal in many of the monster races, and the goblyns are no different. We cooperate with those who once persecuted us, because those crimes are far distant, but we do not forget, either. This is the Age of such things as the Moon Cult, which spans and accepts all monster cultures. We cannot know where this age will lead us, or where it will end.

The Age of Restoration. We do know, however, that some day this Age will come. We cannot say when, we cannot say how many Ages (if any) will come before it, but the Restoration of Goblyn power has been promised and foretold and will be achieved. The Age of Restoration will begin when Baulk is destroyed for his crimes, and Goblyns begin to return to their original state, the way we were created to be.

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