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The Kitsune are nine tailed fox creatures from the far east, often dwelling in deep forests and mountains. They pray on humans and other sentient in secluded mountain villages, picking off those that wander too far from safety then moving onto livestock and those out at night. Over the course of time they will slowly destroy the village one person, animal, and building at a time spreading fear and panic until they move in the night and devour the last survivors. Once they are gone they will find a new settlement to terrorize.

Kitsune are usually around four to four and a half feet tall when on two legs but will often drop to all fours in rough terrain, this has given the pinkies the false impression that they shape shift. They are most recognizable by their multiple tails and red and black facial markings. Kitsune wear clothes stolen from the people they hunt or that they have made from the scraps, they often favor darker colors for most of their clothes but will wear outer kimono with bolder patterns. Bones or even whole-body parts and things made of wood or stone are used as decoration.

After killing their victims Kitsune often consume their hearts and livers believing that in doing so they take in their foe's strength.

Known Kitsunes

  • Knives Shadowrunner
  • Nanashi
  • Vixen
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